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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jay Z's champagne of choice is now part of his portfolio. The rapper and entrepreneur extraordinaire has purchased the gilded Armand de Brignac (nicknamed "Ace of Spades") brand of bubbly, which retails for $300 a pop but can go as high as $200,000 -- if you like 30-liter bottles made of gold. A new company led by Jay Z, real name Sean Carter, acquired the brand from New York-based Sovereign Brands, which announced the sale this week.

"We are proud to announce that Sovereign Brands, a New York-based wine and spirits company owned by the Berish family, has sold its interest in the Armand de Brignac ('Ace of Spades') Champagne brand to a new company led by the globally-renowned Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter," the company said in a statement.Terms of the deal -- as well as the name Jay's new company -- were not disclosed, but spokesperson for Sovereign told the New York Times in an emailed statement that the Brooklyn native "made us an offer we simply couldn't refuse." A representative from Jay Z's Roc Nation did not return a request for comment at press time.
The best-selling artist, label owner, entertainment mogul, sports agent and now-champagne maker is reportedly worth over $500 million, according to Forbes.

Fans of Hova will remember how he brushed off a bottle of Cristal in favor of some "gold bottles of that ace of spade" in the video for his 2006 single, "Show Me What You Got." He also famously set up a tower of 350 bottles of the stuff at a 2013 fundraiser for President Barack Obama at Manhattan's 40/40 Club, a chain of clubs that Jay Z owns. Also, during his time as part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets he made Armand de Brignac available at a champagne bar accessible to super-luxury box owners.

Each bottle of Armand de Brignac is made by hand by a staff of eight people in Chigny-les-Roses, France. A standard bottle of Brut retails at $300, but if you're really thirsty there's a 100 lb.-bottle (equivalent to 40 regular ones) that sells for over $200,000.

I'll say, that guy Jay-z, he's got one head on his shoulders. Gotta respect that.. He creates his own opportunities, and then dominate the space. Salute . Way to corner the market. 100



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

D-Block, need i say more? I doesn't get more believable then this... Love the effects.. I must say, you picture them, but seeing it come to life is a whole other story... #Dblock4life


Joe Budden, Yea, he's back with another audio love letter.. Can you guess who he's talking about? I used this Image to help paint a picture.. idk.. Joe has a way of expressing himself, but how much you gona express on this mystery girl? Only time will tell.. Check the Visuals... Peace.. #Jersey


Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Steets are back... Enjoy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

make sure you zoom into this...

So for all you totally missed the Art and message in hip hop real music era, here's a blast to the past. Gun Draws!!! Now, this has to be some of the most creative work that i have consistently appreciated. From the creepy soundtrack, to the percussion, just the way it all comes together as a whole done precisely. Listen, you could actually learn something. Salute the Pharoahe Monch.
Take a look and a listen, #share When the Gun Graws. Enjoy


Gaye's children claim their are huge similarities between 'Blurred Lines' and 'Got To Give It Up,' and are accusing Thicke of copyright infringement on 'After the Dance' to create his song, 'Love After War'.

The judge ruled there is a genuine dispute that several aspects of Thicke and Williams' song such as hooks, bass lines, keyboard chords and vocals, could be copies of the legendary singer's own music.

It is worth noting that Kronstadt only wants the jury to focus on how the songs' compositions look on sheet music, not how they sound to listeners.

"Since the compositions at issue are completely different, we remain confident of prevailing at trial," Thicke and Williams' attorney, Howard King, wrote in an email about the judge's decision, the Associated Press reports.

Shame, such a shame..

A trial has been set for Feb. 10, 2015.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FKA twigs already has a reputation for using technology to make artistic statements in her music videos, and her latest takes this to its logical extreme. The two-minute #throughglass promo has twigs using Google Glass to seemingly influence a music video as it's being shot -- she looks for vogue dance tutorials to start things off, and switches to looking for anime-style eyes, gymnastics and "dominant krumping." She records some of the video from Glass' camera, too. The production is decidedly off the wall and probably won't have you rushing out to drop $1,500 just to emulate some slick moves, but it's proof that you can still look vaguely cool with a computer on your head.

Check out the video Below.. Leave your comments.

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