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Monday, August 3, 2015

Drake has had himself a big weekend with the OVO Sound Fest, with guests like Big Sean and J. Cole performing, in Toronto. Right before it started, he announced a new collaboration with the Jordan brand, revealing the OVO Air Jordan 10's.

Pictured above, they'll be available September 12 and will be on sale for a whopping $255. So if you want to shell all that guap out for the creme-colored high tops, be my guest.


Who's Coppin?


Friday, July 31, 2015


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ok so we back.. But this time #Drake brought daylyt with him.. These guys are just roasting Meek Mill... Drake: 3 - Meek Mill: 0 .. What yall think?

-WassupFred Thank you Drake for bringing some excitement to the game right now... Talk that shit... 0-100.

In case yall missed these..

Back to Back (Slowed)

Charged up

WARNING: The video above may be too graphic for some viewers. Watch with discretion. The shooting takes place at 1:55.

A University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted on Wednesday on murder charges in the fatal shooting last week of an unarmed black motorist who was stopped because of a missing front license plate.

Hamilton County prosecutor Joseph Deters called the July 19 killing of Samuel Dubose, 43, "senseless" and "totally unwarranted."

Ray Tensing, the 25-year-old white officer who shot Dubose in the head, "wasn't dealing with someone who was wanted for murder," Deters told a news conference. "He was dealing with someone who didn't have a front license plate. This is, in the vernacular, a pretty chicken crap stop."

The incident was the latest in a series of fatal confrontations between law enforcement and unarmed individuals across the United States that have raised questions about the use of deadly force by police, especially against minorities.

Tensing repeatedy asks DuBose to produce a driver's license. DuBose says he has a license but he doesn't have it with him, and he apologizes.

"I just don't. I'm sorry. I'm just going to go in my house," DuBose says, with his car facing south on Rice Street in Mount Auburn.

"OK. Where do you stay at? Down here?" Tensing asks.

DuBose: "Right around the corner."

Tensing: "OK, until I can figure out if you have a license or not, go ahead and take your seat belt off for me."

Tensing pulls the door latch and opens the door a few inches.

DuBose pulls it closed with his left hand and uses his right hand to reach for the car key in the ignition.

"I didn't even do nothing," DuBose says.

"Go ahead and take your seat belt off," Tensing says again.

DuBose turns the key to start the car and revs the engine, but the car doesn't move.

Tensing reaches in the window with his left hand and appears to grab DuBose's shoulder strap. He pulls his gun with this right hand, shouts, "Stop! Stop!" and shoots DuBose.

The car jumps forward and rolls down the street about 100 yards until it runs off the road and stops - engine still running.

Tensing and another officer run after the car. The other officer yells to Tensing, "Did you hit him?"

Tensing yells back, "I don't know. I might have."

With guns drawn, the two officers reach the car together and find DuBose slumped back in the driver's seat.

Tensing reaches through the window with his left hand and turns the key to stop the engine.

Out of breath, Tensing says: "I thought he was going to run me over."

WATCH: Body cam video released in Sam DuBose shooting

Showing the video publicly for the first time, Deters called it an "asinine, senseless shooting" and announced that a grand jury had indicted Tensing for murder and involuntary manslaughter. Tensing turned himself in and UC fired him after the indictment.

DuBose did "nothing violent" toward Tensing, Deters said, adding that the video shows Tensing falling because he had just shot DuBose.
Tensing was to be arraigned at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) on Thursday in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

Cincinnati officials braced for possible unrest after the grand jury's decision was announced, and the university closed down for the day as a precaution.

A racially mixed crowd of about 300 people braved a heavy rain Wednesday evening to attend a peaceful "Black Lives Matter" rally outside the courthouse, where relatives of Dubose and supporters welcomed the indictment but called for punishment of other officers involved in the incident.

Several dozen protesters peeled off from the rally and marched to police headquarters, some chanting, "This is what democracy looks like," but there were no immediate reports of any trouble.

A body-camera video that Deters played for reporters showed how the traffic stop of Dubose escalated into deadly violence. After failing to provide a driver's license at Tensing's request, Dubose tried to prevent Tensing from opening the car door as the officer ordered him to remove his seat belt.

The car started slowly rolling forward as Tensing reached in and yelled for him to stop. The officer then pulled his gun and fired once, killing Dubose.


Deters said Tensing was not dragged by the car, as the officer had reported, but instead he fell backwards after shooting Dubose in the head. Deters said Tensing should have let Dubose drive away as he had his license plate number already.

"I've been doing this for 30 years," Deters said after meeting with Dubose's family. "This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make, totally unwarranted."

Tensing "should never have been a police officer," he added.

Audrey Dubose, the victim's mother, praised the indictment.

"I'm so thankful that everything was uncovered," she told reporters. "I thought it was going to be covered up."

Asked about a second officer who supported Tensing's account of the incident, Deters said that was under investigation.

Attending Wednesday's rally, Jeanette Moeller, who went to school with Dubose, called the indictment monumental.

"I believe if it hadn't been for the body cam, we wouldn't be here," she said. "We would be rioting instead of being here doing something great, trying to show some support for the family and to thank Mr. Deters."

Tensing's attorney, Stew Mathews, told Fox 19 television in Cincinnati that his client was being "thrown under the bus" by the prosecutor and the school. A second video will show more of the incident, he said, according to Fox 19.

Tensing was fired by the university police on Wednesday, and school officials said they were discussing providing educational support for Dubose's children.

The incident was the latest in a string of deaths of black men at the hands of police in the past year, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York City, Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina. Prosecutors brought charges against officers in Baltimore and North Charleston.

Cincinnati was convulsed with riots in 2001 after police shot an unarmed 19-year-old black man who was wanted for traffic violations. The Cincinnati police went through extensive reform after that incident, and an independent agency was set up to handle complaints against the police.

Dubose's family saw the body camera video on Wednesday for the first time and met with Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

Deters said campus security should be taken over by the city police department, whose officers, he said, are better trained.

Dubose's family has hired attorney Mark O'Mara, who represented George Zimmerman, the Florida man who was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin. (Reporting by Suzannah Gonzales and Mary Wisniewski in Chicago and Steve Bittenbender in Louisville, Kentucky; Writing by Fiona Ortiz; Editing by Bill Trott, Cynthia Osterman and Ken Wills)

According to the police incident report, Tensing said DuBose was dragging him with his car and Tensing feared he would be run over when he fired a single shot that killed DuBose. On the body cam video, you can hear Tensing tell other officers about a dozen times that DuBose was dragging him. Here's a sampling:

Tensing: “I thought he was going to run me over.”

Other officer: “You OK?”

Tensing: "I’m good.”

Later, Tensing speaks to the dispatcher:

“Thirty-three, I’m not injured. I almost got ran over by the car. He took off on me. I discharged one round. Struck the male in the head.”

More Tensing on the video:

“I just got tangled in the car. I thought I was going to get run over.”

"He just took off on me, man. I thought he was going to run me over.”

“I think I’m OK. He was just dragging me. I thought I was going to get ran over. I was trying to stop him.”

“Ugh, I thought he was going to run me over. He was dragging me…Yeah, he took off on me. My hand was caught inside.”

“God, he was dragging me man … I’m good. I just got my hand and my arm caught inside.”

“I think I’m good [no injuries]. I missed his tires, luckily. I was just getting [dragged] by him.”

When other UC officers, Cincinnati police and EMT arrived, Tensing repeated his claims over and over. Tensing complained of pain in his left arm and knee and a fellow officer drove him to the UC Medical Center to be examined.

At his news conference, Deters said he feels sorry for DuBose's family and he showed them the video first. WCPO's Ally Kraemer reported that DuBose's family arrived at the prosecutor's office at noon and and left shortly before the news conference.

"I trust God, and I knew it was going to be all right," Andrea DuBose said after watching her son's death on video. "I just thank God that everything is being revealed."

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The best thing about Windows 10 is that it's simply Windows, through and through. It's as if Microsoft realized that devaluing the desktop in Windows 8 was akin to sacrilege, and Windows 10 is its penance. At its core, it's a union of the best qualities of Windows 7 and Windows 8 -- the desktop features of the former with some of the touch-friendly aspects of the latter. It's no wonder Microsoft is calling it an operating system that's both fresh and familiar. It's easy to use with a keyboard and mouse, but it's even better with touchscreen computers. The Start menu is back! And new features like Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant and Edge browser breathe new life into Windows. Microsoft is framing the OS as "Windows as a Service," meaning it's never quite done and constantly evolving. Most importantly, Windows 10 proves that Microsoft's dream of delivering a single OS that can work across computers, tablets and phones might actually come true.


Brings together Microsoft's best desktop and touchscreen interfaces
Easy upgrade process
Cortana and Edge alone are worth upgrading
Changes to modern Windows apps finally makes them useful


No major changes beyond the traditional Windows desktop
Xbox One game streaming requires a robust network
Still not many worthwhile modern Windows apps yet


Windows 10 is the ideal next step for Microsoft, bringing together the best elements of Windows 7 and 8. With new features like Cortana and Edge, extensive desktop interface refinements and Microsoft's free upgrade offer, it's a must-have for anyone who uses Windows. But in the end.. You decide...


[Source: Devindra Hardawar

In Case you missed it. -WassupFred (Niggas aint bout to starve us... nah)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Funkmaster Flex might have pulled off the biggest letdown of the year last night.

Throughout the weekend, Flex had an agenda to expose Drake some more after he released his diss track to Meek Mill called “Charged Up,” which premiered on his OVO Sound Radio show on Beats 1. After promising listeners he had more reference tracks from Drake — “Blessings,” “R.I.C.O.” and “Know Yourself” — he also promised that Meek Mill would be coming to his show for an interview and possibly premiering a response record to Drizzy.

At 7 p.m. on Monday night, every rap fan tuned into Hot 97. About two hours in, listeners started to realize that Flex didn’t have a record or even Meek Mill for an interview. Backlash ensued. There’s a petition to have Flex step down from his role at Hot 97 because everyone’s disappoint was that real. As written on the website:

“This fraud of a DJ decided to lie to everyone for ratings and downloads of the Hot 97 app that Meek Mill would be on tonight to release a diss track to Drake to no avail. No one has given Hot 97 two hours of listening time since Biggie was alive, and it's a crime to have taken that from us. The people have spoken and it is time for Funk Flex to step down.”

This morning, Flex is still pretty quiet about the whole situation. Plus, it's not looking good for Flex's credibility as Charlamagne Tha God named him the Donkey of the Day (which you can hear his hilarious eulogy below). However, today is also the day that Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour is stopping in Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. After Meek’s humorous Drake diss tweet, do you really think he’ll perform or say something about Drake in his own city? DJ Bran, his tour DJ, hints it’ll happen, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

OK so you just need to listen to this lmaoooo... #Keyword #Nothing haha..

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